Personality test by eye color

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  1. What is your color eyes?

    1. Blue
    2. Black-Dark
    3. Green
    4. Brown
    5. Hazel
    6. Gray

Personality test by eye color

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    Although many people cannot see it, blue eyewear has great spirituality and physical strength. People with blue eyes can often be perceived as shy or vulnerable.According to the news in the Daily Mail; In 2006, German psychologists found that blue-eyed children were cautious about new things and were more introverted among their peers. Medical Daily; many people report that people with blue eyes perceive them as “competitive” and even “selfish”.Despite these negative evaluations, a pilot study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Medical School; It shows that women with lighter-colored eyes are better at pain than those with darker eyes during childbirth. They also manage the stress of birth better.Dr. of the University of Pittsburgh Medical School. “In a study of pregnant women, 24 of them were dark-eyed, and 24 eyes were light-eyed. The light eyed was more successful in tolerating postnatal anxiety, depression and trauma,” said Inna Belfer.
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    Dark Brown – Black Eyes

    People with dark brown or black eyes stand out for leadership. They do not hesitate to make daring decisions. Dark-eyed athletes also succeed in sports. The darkness of the eye is caused by the melanin system. Melanin acts as a carrier for the connection between brain cells.The more melanin the person has, the faster the brain can work. According to a study in the journal ‘Personality and Individual Differences’; very dark-eyed people drink less than the lighter than the eyewitnesses said.Dark goggles are more successful in target shooting sports such as table tennis.
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    Green eyes

    The fastest effect on the people around them leaves the green eyes. Most people are green goggles, attractive, mysterious.A study published by the Impulse Corporation in Los Angeles examined the wishes of various eye color owners. The most common definition for people with green eyes was “sexy”. Most of the participants who said that they wanted to change the color of eye color were green.Since the green eyes are the balance of melanin, this keeps them pretty and oppressive like brown eyes, but they are strong and careful like the blue-eyed ones.
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    Brown eyes

    While dark brown and black eyes are explained above, brown eyes can be categorized separately. Brown eyes are tolerant, people trust these people.Charles University in Prague describes people with brown eyes as generally very loyal, respectful and kind people; but it is definitely not obedient.A research in Chronobiology magazine; he found that people with brown eyes usually slept less than two hours with light-eyed people and that their sleep cycles were weaker. People with brown eyes often have difficulty getting up in the morning.
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    Gray Eyes

    Gray eyes are rare, but they are only a variation of blue eyes. In other words, if you have dark gray eyes, your eyes are in the shadow of blue, but they have more melanin than blue eyes. If you have dark gray eyes, you are a perfectly balanced person.
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    Hazel eyes

    Hazel eyes differ according to the color variation of Iris. So no Elah eyes are alike, they are all unique. People with hazel eyes are independent, self-confident, and unplanned. The amount of melanin in the eye varies from person to person, so it is difficult to perform a common personality analysis. Ela eyes have a mysterious personality.

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