The most popular series of 2018.

      In 2018, the American series flew away again. The British have become very professional in this regard. It’s not just the TV, it’s the digital show. Thanks to insider’s average conversation research, we can see the most popular series. Well, we didn’t make any contributions either…

31. Star Trek: Discovery – IMDb Point: 7.4

Star Trek: Discovery - IMDb Puanı: 7.4

The contemporary version of the series is about 10 years before the events of the Star Trek series. Apart from the timeline of feature films, he tells the crew of the USS Discovery who discovered new worlds and civilizations. Discovery revolves around a previously mentioned but unexplored event on Star Trek.Star Trek can satisfy his fans, although this online series doesn’t create a great addiction.

30. Riverdale – IMDb Point: 7.5

Riverdale - IMDb Puanı: 7.5

Archie, the main characters of the comic books, Archie, Betty and Veronica, the center of the series, a small town, Riverdale, the distance that seems to be the distance to the darkness of the distance is focused.The comic book adaptation, which has been going on for the last few years, is one of the proofs that he has found a place for the series craze.

29. Grey’s Anatomy – IMDb Point: 7.6

Grey's Anatomy - IMDb Puanı: 7.6

A new day in the Seattle Grace Hospital, a new morning, new surgeries, lives, dreams and hopes …There is no single issue in this series, it’s been easy for 15 years. Everything has changed, everyone has changed. Still have patience with your audience.

28. Arrow – IMDb Point: 7.7

Arrow - IMDb Puanı: 7.7

The billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, who lived alone on an island for a long time after a marine accident, died a lot during the time he spent on the island. After five years, and returning to his house, Oliver tries to hide his new Oliver from his family and others, decides to fight offenders to free himself from past sins and creates the Arrow personality.Since its inception, it was a series that could be included in the first chapter and its popularity did not end.

27. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – IMDb Point: 7.8

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - IMDb Puanı: 7.8

Sabrina tries to match her own binary self. The half-witch leads a half-mortal life, Sabrina is forced to deal with her family while fighting against evil forces that threaten her.It’s probably a series of things we’ve been seeing as soon as we see it, witch Sabrina is a character we’ve been familiar with since we were little.

26. The Flash – IMDb Point: 7.9

The Flash - IMDb Puanı: 7.9

Barry Allen, who has experienced a great tragedy in his past, is a forensic laboratory assistant working in the Central City Police Department and collecting clues left behind by criminals. After having an unfortunate lightning accident, Barry, who has super speed power, takes on the Flash identity and makes it his mission to bring the bad guys to justice!We saw the DC character, The Flash, in the Batman Justice League. Now we’re used to transforming Marvel and DC’s characters into series projects.

25. Maniac – IMDb Point: 8.0

Maniac - IMDb Puanı: 8.0

He is living in a world where a man who is in a mental institution due to psychological problems is living in his own dream to escape reality.We were very happy when we saw Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, but it was a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, it did not prevent him from attracting worldwide attention.


24. The Sinner – IMDb Point: 8.0

The Sinner - IMDb Puanı: 8.0

Describes an outspoken anger, violence and fear underlying a young mother. This young woman, with a detective, played by Bill Pullman in the series, will have to face a lot of history.

This is a new series of people who want to start this series is always recommended.

   23. The Blacklist – IMDb Point: 8.1

The Blacklist - IMDb Puanı: 8.1

Raymond Reddington is a criminal at the top of the world’s most wanted list. Raymond, sought for many years, would ever surrender to the FBI at his own request. Due to the crimes he committed, he can no longer be released. Raymond, an intelligent man, offers the FBI an interesting offer. He will hand over to the FBI the list of criminals that he has prepared in the face of his own freedom and he will catch up on the list. It also provides a single condition to give the list; Working with FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen. Investigating why he was chosen for this, Elizabeth starts to catch criminals with Raymond. 

22. 13 Reasons Why – IMDb Point: 8.1

13 Reasons Why - IMDb Puanı: 8.1

Her parents and teachers, who are shaken by the suicide of a teenage girl named Hannah Baker, pursue this task. Hannah left behind 13 shocking tapes.Water flowing like the series, watching the main girl both nervous and deeply upset you with an interesting fiction and scenario is progressing.

21. American Horror Story – IMDb Point: 8.1

American Horror Story - IMDb Puanı: 8.1

The American Horror Story, each season of another story, progressed through a cursed house in its first season, introducing us to the inhabitants of this house over time. Now we see what happened in this mental hospital.She had a lot of success with Lady Gaga.

20. Orange Is the New Black – IMDb Point: 8.1

Orange Is the New Black - IMDb Puanı: 8.1

Piper Chapman is a young woman who has a beautiful life, a good valentine and an understanding family. During his university years, he moved away from his comfortable life due to a crime he committed and went to prison. Prison life is different than Piper’s dream. Piper tries to get used to his new life between the four walls, but at the beginning he gradually learns the culture of the prison. The young woman, who has made unexpected friendships with other prisoners in the prison, has been questioning everything she has believed in her life. It is an interesting series that even those with prison phobia can easily watch, even interesting, but from time to time you want to be in that environment.He can shake your head profusely, shock it, make a big laugh and tear it to tears for a minute. The last season will be published in 2019.

19. Bodyguard – IMDb Point: 8.2

Bodyguard - IMDb Puanı: 8.2

David, an unstable but brave police officer, helps to prevent a terrorist attack he finds in a sudden. His excellent success during the attack led David to be promoted. His new role is to protect the ambitious interior minister, Julia Montague. The minister, however, has the opposite view of the values that he believed and defended. Will David, who finds himself torn between his duties and his beliefs as time goes by, will be able to continue to protect the minister?You have no interest in the legendary bodyguard film. One of the most immersive and language-recommended series of recent times.

18. Lucifer – IMDb Point: 8.2

Lucifer - IMDb Puanı: 8.2
Lucifer Morningstar; It catches criminals for the Los Angeles Police Department. But he has a great secret: this attractive man is actually a fallen angel on earth! 

17. The Big Bang Theory – IMDb Point: 8.2

The Big Bang Theory - IMDb Puanı: 8.2

The MIT started out with a PhD, two of the asocial research assistants, in the neighborhood relationship with the ordinary Sheldon, an ordinary waitress. Genius people from each other but with social acumen have made us laugh for years. He is still one of the best comedy series.

16. Sense8 – IMDb Point: 8.4

Sense8 - IMDb Puanı: 8.4

The series focuses on the emotional communication of eight foreigners living in different parts of the world. Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, San Francisco, Seoul, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Malta passes through different cities, such as.The series, categorized as science fiction and drama series, was canceled in an eventful way. The final section was released in 2018 and the sex scenes were probably traumas of many people …

15. The Walking Dead – IMDb Point: 8.4

The Walking Dead - IMDb Puanı: 8.4

The town’s police chief Rick Grimes was shot dead one day; but the life he knew in that coma was turned upside down. Now the world will be at the mercy of human flesh-fed zombies! Unless there’s a bit of human emotion left … if there’s a small group of people in Atlanta who try to survive silently after chaos, there’s no one to hold onto each other …A series of seasons must end by some spectators. But it still remains popular.

14. Supernatural – IMDb Point: 8.5

Supernatural - IMDb Puanı: 8.5

Dean and Sam Winchester brothers are hunting with their father when their mother is killed by an unknown being. Then the broken brothers, reunite and struggle with supernatural creatures.Of course, it hasn’t been going on for a hundred years, because the series that has been going on since 2005 continues with countless seasons. After 13 years it is still really appreciated to have the 15th most popular series.

13. Narcos: Mexico – IMDb Point: 8.6

Narcos: Mexico - IMDb Puanı: 8.6

In the 1980s, Félix Gallardo witnesses the rise of the Guadalajara cartel and unites human traffickers under the same roof to build a similar empire. DEA agent Kiki Camarena moves to California from Guadalajara with her family. When Kiki starts collecting intelligence on Félix, he starts a war that will last for years against drug trafficking.Pablo Escobar Cali Kartelli also took advantage of the first two winds this season.

12. The Handmaid’s Tale – IMDb Point: 8.6

The Handmaid's Tale - IMDb Puanı: 8.6

A society called Gilead goes to revolution in a single day. In this society which has a population decline due to natural causes, women are considered to be the property of the state. Fertile women are now driven from there without the purpose of a life other than bringing the children of the commanders. Forced to reproductive service to replicate society, Offred tries to survive in these ruthless conditions and find his daughter. The series is Emmy.

11. La Casa de Papel – IMDb Point: 8.6

La Casa de Papel - IMDb Puanı: 8.6

A criminal genius called a professor plans to make the biggest robbery in history. Its purpose is to enter the Royal Mint of Spain. To this end, he builds a team of 8 criminals who are experts in their work. The team goes through a 5-month training period, which takes into account every possibility and makes the robbery perfect. Everything is ready now. 8 people, taking hostages with them, lock themselves in the Royal Darphe of Spain. But they do not take into account the events occur.I don’t suppose you’re not exposed to La Casa de Papel this year. In fact, the final was the final, but the filmmakers decided to attract the third season by including a Turkish character. You’re up for a while.

10. Vikings – IMDb Point: 8.6

Vikings - IMDb Puanı: 8.6

Set in 8th century Scandinavia, the series brings the story of Ragnar Lothbrok and his family into a bold warrior while being a simple farmer. While watching the sea with his ruthless and fearless men Ragnor, believed to be descended from the god of war Odin; We are witnessing a very interesting and engaging culture of the Vikings, a warrior and merchant tribe.The story of the series, which can be described as a historical drama, is based on true European legends and historical figures.

9. This is Us – IMDb Point: 8.7

This is Us - IMDb Puanı: 8.7

From the same parents, the three brothers and sisters are very much in contrast to their characters and their lives. You can see that even the smallest movements of the parents will cause unresolved traumas, but you may want to have a child today. One of the most naive sequences on the list. Now he is being adapted in Turkey.

8. Shameless – IMDb Point: 8.7

Shameless - IMDb Puanı: 8.7

The original British-made series of seasons has always been popular, always followed up to the end. Living in a troubled neighborhood of America, an alcoholic father, a very flirtatious sister who had to take care of her siblings, a gay brother, a troubled boy, a strange girl, and Lip came to the world to be a bum. You will be grateful to your life as you watch, and you’ll wonder what it is like to live there for a day.

7. The Haunting of Hill House – IMDb Point: 8.8

The Haunting of Hill House - IMDb Puanı: 8.8

The House on the Hill tells the story of 5 siblings who grew up in a house that would later become a nationwide haunted mansion. 5 brothers who grow up together and leave their paths, meet again after a tragedy. The brothers who meet at the House on the Hill where they stayed many years ago are forced to face this place and the ghosts of the past.You can watch the night at night, and you can get a lot squeezed, so come on with this tension!

6. Peaky Blinders – IMDb Point: 8.8

Peaky Blinders - IMDb Puanı: 8.8

After World War I, Britain tries to overcome many difficulties like other countries. At this time, there was a material and spiritual blow with the gangs and the illegal organizations. Here we are watching one of the most ruthless of those gangs. Imagine such a gang that the police have to say hello. But as they continue their bribery work, they do something wrong and their fate changes.

5. Westworld – IMDb Point: 8.8

Westworld - IMDb Puanı: 8.8

The series has emerged as a result of the curiosity about how sin will arise, especially with the birth of artificial intelligence, that is to say, where the technological developments in construction will take place and how the negative effects of this development will be. In the Westworld that has been going on in the coming years, there is a problem in the part where Wild West contact is present in this park filled with games where important visitors can participate while the adventure that takes place in Westworld Park, which is frequently preferred by money customers, can be attended. With this problem, the rich people who are sniper after them are trying to survive by forgetting to have fun. What happens when artificial intelligence is out of control is being processed in a very impressive way …

4. Black Mirror – IMDb Point: 8.9

Black Mirror - IMDb Puanı: 8.9

Focusing on the dark side of life and technology, the series has been crafted with wisdom and precision to surpass the science fiction film I call. Each episode watching a massive film-quality series, “I’d be crazy if I was in this world!” as far as the distopic.The sections published in 2018 were discussed throughout 2018.

3. House of Cards – IMDb Point: 8.9

House of Cards - IMDb Puanı: 8.9

What Frand Underwood gave up on his presidency, against whom and the methods of struggle will appall you. Perhaps for the first time you will be able to feel the dirty face of politics.It was the last season of the season. The lead actor was removed because of the sexual abuse scandal and left the series to a female lead. This situation will be a legend, even if the taste is missed.

2. Stranger Things – IMDb Point: 8.9

Stranger Things - IMDb Puanı: 8.9

Stranger Things, who has funded himself in the ’80s, is a fantastic thriller series that doesn’t skip salute to the horror movies of the time. Winona Ryder, David Harbor, Cara Buono starring the series; a young boy who disappeared and his mother trying to find him. One of the most popular series of the last two years.

1. Game of Thrones – IMDb Point: 9.5

Game of Thrones - IMDb Puanı: 9.5

The last season will be published in 2019, although the series was not published in 2018, it was the most talked about series. What we’re saying is spoilers, you may already have learned a lot on social media. Dynasty intrigues, revolving games behind doors, women who do not hesitate to enter someone’s bosom, conflicts between brothers, exclusion, exclusion …

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