This week’s horoscope comments.

   This week’s horoscope comments.


We say hello to the second week of December as we approach the New Year step by step and slowly take over our burdens and, most importantly, prepare to start a new one. We hope this week will be very nice for everyone. Let’s see what happens in the sky and how the signs are affected. Here are the 10 – 16 December weekly bus stops reviews…





Starting on December 12, Mercury returns to the everlasting Sagittarius, and the Ram signs are open-mouthed ninth. it affects your house. In the same way, we can say that many signs will be affected by this transformation. After the deceleration period from October 31 to December 1, certain issues you suspend may come up. Your reason for stepping back or suspending may be to fear or change the attitude of the other person. However, especially this week, coaches should be very careful and observe. They can also witness that everyone is slowly falling into the truth or that they are no longer able to hold the truth within themselves. Coach bushings have a weak incentive to protect themselves, but they should know this week that they should not throw diplomacy aside because of these issues in the past, but should be withdrawn if necessary.

The ninth house also represents travel. Planning a trip during this period may be on the agenda. This plan can also be done in pairs or even in front of romantic moments. They might want to go inside and take a trip on Saturday. They may also want to think about the people who absorb their energy and time at the weekend and make arrangements about them in their lives. Of course, they’ll be there when they need it, but isn’t it time to draw a line for everything else?




These days, which are approaching the middle of the last month of the year, they must make the distinction between “I” and “we” no matter how busy their social life is. Because they will need special times to devote themselves to them. It’s very important for them to relieve the exhaustion of the year. This is the only way to survive in this period of oppression.

This week will be a week where they will feel emotionally high. They have to go out more to live this shot. They can feel a great commitment to the people they meet this week or to the people they already have in their lives and move their relationships to the next level. On Saturday, they may want to turn to their collaborations, friendships and their digital lives and restore them. In particular, they will realize that social media should be free of some excess and burdens. To find the balance in their lives again, they may have to take quite rigid measures. The dependencies must now be controlled. Don’t think of clichés as addictive, we’re talking about digital dependencies!



Gemini signs should stop thinking about their relationship this week that keeps their minds busy. They went through a long period of their feelings and not being sure what they wanted to do. But now, “what could be the worst?” it’s time to ask the question and take the wheel in their hands. They have to accept the worst and do what they have to do. For the next three weeks, they have to re-establish the balance between romantic and professional relationships. To do this, all it takes is to be clear and know what they want. Instead of wandering in the dark, they should turn on the light and capture the enduring harmony and happiness.

They can take important steps towards the end of the week or make some decisions about their career. The twins must stop for a while and think about this. Gemini signs that can do many different jobs at the same time must also acknowledge that these skills consume them from time to time. They also have to admit that not having to stand one step behind and run everything doesn’t mean “failure.”




Trying to turn their lives in a positive direction, the crab bushings will give more importance to their health as Mercury moves to the Sagittarius until January 4th. It’s time to say “hello” to healthy meals and regular exercise instead of unhealthy snacks, alcoholic drinks. So instead of leaving bad habits, they should try to replace them with new habits. That’s gonna be a lot easier. Also, this week’s personal care will be at the forefront. Maybe spa or facials can make them feel much better.

From Friday, they can dive away from the window and think about where they want to be. If the balance between work and private life has come to an end, they may want to stay on their own and try to recover. The two major ways to resolve this issue will be to deal less and choose between preferences. Everything in their lives will be the solution to the problems of prioritizing and putting them in a queue.



Leo must prepare themselves for party lights from Wednesday this week. Almost all planets will work to make the lights of love, creativity and fame more dazzle on the lion’s sign. And it’s also a perfect time to get rid of the contradictions and bury the doubts at the bottom. While saying goodbye to compulsive intimacy and customary clichés, they will say hello to plenty of paça pants and a thousand kinds of colors. “If he’s happy, he’s worth it!” they will adopt their motto and make room on the dance floor. Moreover, Lions do not need any pretext to establish a romantic bond. In these bright days, they must also make room for their love life.

They will not hesitate to introduce themselves and their work in all this social intensity. This could bring about new alliances. As of Saturday, financial issues may arise. They may want to reconsider the areas they invest in and make a profitable start to the New Year. In addition, the issue of savings may come to the agenda. Most importantly, the eighth house that will be affected on Saturday points to a spark in their romantic relationship with people who are in their lives or are just entering.




Virgo signs, the most exacting sign, should think again this week before saying “yes” to each invitation. However, especially on Wednesday, they may feel isolated and need to recharge a little. They might find out they’re running too fast right now. Virgo bushings are very strict about everything, and the responsibilities that they can’t get up from under them put them into stress. So why don’t you come over here and tell them not to quit when they’re invited somewhere? they can respond and try to get the job done at the same time. If there is a project or job that they have started again this week, they will look at it in a much different way and discover useful ways.

On Saturday, they may try to adjust to their relationship or look at things in a more compassionate way. The olive branch should not only wait on the opposite side, but they should also take a step. It is a perfect time to reveal true feelings, fears and emotions and discuss them mutually.





Libra bushes will finally get rid of a long-running chores and return to their old performance on Wednesday. They’re also going to have their last social butterfly season this week. Until January 4th, they will gather all the eyes again and put their crown on them. Almost every day of the week can be filled with social and cultural activities. During this period, they can stop avoiding their words and focus on experiencing the moment.

Libra is also one of the most difficult signs to find, even if they are always looking for balance in their lives. From Saturday, they will think that they will find this balance of importance to health and personal care. Healthy meals, exercises, and meditation… also should not neglect to sleep extra and drink plenty of water.





Starting Wednesday, Scorpio bushings can be controlled by consolidating their business and financial situation. But first you’ll have to decide what they want. If they are happy with their current job and position, they can explore ways to be happier. Or they can re-examine their relationship with their colleagues. They should remember that solid professional bonds are the key to long-term success.

On Saturday they will want to look at the bigger picture, review their lives. They know very well that everything begins with dreams and that they will succeed with their efforts. So they’il see that they need stability in their lives. Again, they will notice how dazzling they look with the pieces left behind in their wardrobe over the weekend. It’s worth a golden weekend for romance.






The main birthday party for Sagittarius starts on Wednesday. It’il be a week when they’il shine under the spotlight just like the lion bushes. They must not hide themselves, they must be much more self-confident in life. They may also be open to internal accounting related to their immediate surroundings. They must be frank with the people who pull themselves down, but they must be careful not to shake their ego.

The reason that Sagittarius ‘ families did not come to them is that Sagittarius have brought them back to this state. They may have difficulty hiding their masked rage at the weekend. But they should definitely keep it under control. Another thing they will realize this weekend is that in relationships-family, roommates, lovers, friends – they set more sharp boundaries. However, in this process, they should not keep communication one-sided, and they should not forget that they should listen to what they are facing.





It is not enough to shed tears or to feed strong feelings to heal. Capricorn signs can now be put on paper to heal, maybe make a picture or make a note. The purpose is not to reveal a work of art, but just to strike out what you hide in it. As a result, they will find that they have been defeated, rested and recharged. There are three weeks ahead of them to reduce the gear, they should give themselves time and relax a bit.

They must be completely free of some thoughts before starting 2019, and they must put an end to their wish to be forgiven. Since Saturday, fun plans can be on the agenda. At the same time, they have a lot more free time this week and can spend much more enjoyable time with their loved ones.





For Aquarius, it’s like a week where they find themselves socially. They can force limits at work, make some role changes. We can say that they won’t be alone when they spend their time at home. They can greatly expand their social networks at the parties they will attend during the next three weeks. They may also want to rise technologically. Time to update the software, upgrade the service providers, and edit their profiles.

At the end of the weekend, they can devote their time to holiday planning and budget planning. Towards the end of the year, it’s time to straightening the waist. In addition, they may have to create a B plan for unexpected expenses this time of year. If they do not want to enter into the New Year with debt, it would be logical to allocate weekends to financial issues.





Fish bushes may remember that they need to lower their gear when they’re halfway through the last month of the year. When everyone prepares themselves for a holiday and a new year, their ambition can cause them to appear too much gear. They’re gonna have to blend things up with their social life from Wednesday. They should be ready for a sudden party.

On Saturday they will realize that there is a strong balance between the past and the future, and that there is no business in life. What behavior have they been proud of for 12 months? What relationship did they strengthen and what decisions did they make? It’s a perfect time to review all of this.






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