This week’s horoscope comments.

   This week’s horoscope comments.

Every week we are unaware of another experience gives us another awareness. Of course, when we look at it in astrological terms, it’s shaped by the movements of planets all week. 26 November-2 December Week 12 After The Sun and Jupiter, Sagittarius meets.

The sun’s enlightening power increases Jupiter’s influence while the Jupiter falsehoods reveal the truth.…





Starting next week without realizing where their thoughts are taking them, they may encounter strange coincidences. They can see that they see the same numbers in many different places or that the person they think is looking for them. These coincidences can sometimes be more frightening than they can ignore. It’s also a great day to push themselves out of the comfort areas again on Monday. They’ll be ready to pursue inspiring ideas.


They can see significant differences in love life, and they can see the intense feelings they feel disappear in a moment. On Friday, they should be ready for major waves or tsunamis. They can only get rid of this negative situation honestly against themselves. It is easy to start a standard relationship, but more than that, they should not forget that they should say what passes through their hearts. Coach bushings with a lot of work to complete almost race in time. However, they do not need to stress about it. They must remember that this is just a transitional phase.




                          The working Taurus is waiting for a very busy week. Also 8. they may feel overwhelmed and unable to breathe due to the Sagittarius that manages their intense feelings at home. They should think twice about their actions when they feel constrained and constrained. Jealousy and outrage explosions can lead to irreversible problems.

At the end of the week, Taurus signs that will give much more importance to healthy nutrition can realize that they can’t get rid of the stress in their lives. Knowing that stress affects their health will cause them to find themselves in a loop. Maybe they should do yoga or find something to lower their stress levels.

On Sunday, their relationship might come up again. They may have a chance to move on with the person they think they’ve been staying with for a long time. “What do I lose?”they will ask the question often…



Gemini signs on Monday, November 26th, can see everything clearly with its pros and cons. This week, when they feel stronger and more complete, they will also have the freedom they need to get what they want. This seemingly impossible situation depends entirely on what they want and what they can afford for what they want.

On Friday, their indecision about their love lives will be on the agenda. The twins, who are able to leave their love lives aside at the weekend, can return to their personal care and health routines. They can also make guest preparations or new arrangements at home for the coming weeks.




           From the beginning of the week, crabs can throw dead soil on them and experience a spiritual revival. They can also reward themselves with healthy meals by thinking about their bodies. At the same time, this spiritual revival can also reshape daily routines.


They must be ready for emotional and Hard Times on Friday. In particular, they can be difficult to balance between their work and their homes. While everyone is waiting for something from the crabs, they may feel divided into a thousand pieces. In order to manage this situation, people have to prioritize what they expect from themselves.

Starting from Sunday, there is a fun flirtation period in their emotional lives. This period will last for five weeks and will be entirely under their control. That’s why they’il be able to adjust the dose of their romantic lives. If you control this process correctly, what they dream of for a long time may be true. But on the one hand, they feel a great fear to take that big step. They must hurry to decide.



On Monday there will be a day when Lions will take risks for love and creativity. There is no reason why they will not achieve their goals if they are clear about what they want and what they do. If there’s someone who speeds up your heart rate, they shouldn’t hesitate to express their feelings anymore. If he’s the right person, he’il find his confession pretty sexy.

It’s very important to tell the truth. However, the words that are said to shock someone or create a rant can create a huge opposition on Friday. If he grows up, he could even create a little chaos at work. These reasons should think twice about what they’re saying. Does what they say achieve their purpose or just make them look out for themselves? Bad reputation is not good.

Starting from Sunday, they can focus on their style, exchange their style ideas for what they have been thinking about for a long time, but they can’t do it because they are cold. And it’s time to get rid of the small deficiencies they’ve put off at home. They may also feel that the lion’s Horoscope relations have gained momentum over the weekend.




Virgo signs may realize that events and decisions since Monday have a much greater impact. They may feel that they give much more importance to their personal areas during this period. If they want a new goal in their lives, something new to dream about, they have to start thinking about it right away. They should go out more and develop themselves more culturally.

They can feel quite strong feelings and a great cycle on Friday. Friday’s Venus and Uranus encounter
it can cause them to experience something they can feel sorry for. Unrealistic expectations may arise and some people may feel that they are exaggerating their love.

But the market returns to Romanticism. Virgo signs with a relationship may think it’s hard to keep passion alive. But they should review what is important in their relationship. Maybe they’re giving each other infinite comfort and confidence.





Air sign librarians are usually as lonely as they want to be alone. If they hope to explore new places and expand their circle of friends, this Monday is the right day for both. On November 26, The Sun and Jupiter’s combination in the spring sign takes place once every 12 years. So they should stop being told about what they want to do and act as soon as possible. It’s a great week to get fresh ideas, get to know new people and take risks.

By the end of the week, they may feel that their relationship with friends or family has derailed. However, there is not much they can do about this situation that they are not in control despite all the search for balance.

Libra signs, which have opened a new chapter in love life since Sunday, can take serious steps for the relationship they have long dreamed of. These steps will take them away from the outside world, from their problems and stress. What they should not forget is that this is not a fall but an attempt to make room for their own interests and dream worlds.





Scorpio signs if they hear a sound on Monday, it’s probably the opening sound of the vault. Although they are unaware of it, an opportunity can come down to their embrace with capital letters saying “big money”. Although there are risky moves, the alignment of Jupiter and The Sun turns everything in favor of Scorpio’s signs. We can say that they have luck in financial matters. However, it is important that they should never ignore their strong feelings and step back if they have a small doubt.

On Friday, anxiety can rise to a level that they can’t control. What they should be aware of is that they will stray from the wrong ways of coping with anxiety. Junk food, alcohol, and others… … need to realize that none of them is the real solution, and they need to focus on things that will balance in their lives.






Monday is almost a happy and lucky day for the spring. They must welcome the universe on Monday with an open mind. It is time to act bravely and not hesitant in the face of opportunities and offers. If there is an idea or a plan, they must be involved in an affordable, intelligent and courageous way. They must remember that they are in a time of accelerated growth and transformation. This process will last until December 2. They should also make more effort to tell people what they are working on, the right home. They should not assume that everyone doesn’t have to catch their level.

On Friday, they may benefit from being open-minded, but they should pay very close attention to who is exposed to this honesty. The movements of Uranus and Venus can cause you to have a discussion with someone you are close to involving drama and tension. They can also find themselves among the fine lines of friends-enemies, friends-lovers.





Capricorn signs must finally be ready to say goodbye to the ways of trying to forgive and their self-destructive relationships. On Monday, Capricorn will take action to get them out of their lives, whatever it is that keeps them from taking a big step in their lives. They will feel a great desire to clean up whatever is in their lives. Maybe they’il get rid of all the excess in their homes.

By the end of the week, they may experience some tension with family members or roommates. But they must accept that they cannot make everyone happy at the same time and try to make a balance once in a while. On Sunday, the tension is partially falling apart. They may want to spend more time in social activities and volunteer work.





On Monday, their social lives will almost rise, and Aquarius will also make progress in team work and technological developments. The alignment of The Sun and Jupiter is very special for hives, which are an air sign. Meeting someone they’ve been trying to contact for a long time on Monday. They may contact someone they admire from social media, or they may want to organize social media accounts.

Aquarius can be difficult to empathize on Friday. When they see people who are hated and ignorant, they are almost unable to hold themselves and respond. But they must remember that marginal personalities can be manipulated.

They can work with innovative people from Sunday to strengthen their communication with people who can position themselves for what they want to do in 2019. For the next five weeks, they should be careful to add their own signatures in every work they do. At the beginning of December, they may encounter an opportunity that has never been before.





The fifth of the Pisces. the manager of your house is the month. This also points to unfair gain. In this respect, they may be inclined to try their luck on issues such as the lottery, the stock market. They may be thinking big moves, but they should consider the consequences.

Fish bushes may want to leave their credit cards at home on Friday. Unfortunately, in the face of discount signs, it is very important to take precautions against the most vulnerable fish bushes. They should also avoid decisions such as dinner in places where shopping is not only expensive.






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